Bryon Summers


Roxy Miami

The PortraitWalk is a cool way for me to put the “work” in networking. I meet up with an interesting subject. We walk, we talk, and we capture genuine moments while exploring a cool location. I learned a few things about Roxy Miami the day we met – one being that her name, despite how cool it sounds, isn’t Roxy or Miami. Go figure. Tiffany Thompson, a former basketball player turned soccer player turned product manager for Nike Court explained her nickname originated from being as stubborn as rocks and surnamed with the school she attended - The U. Put that together and BOOM! Roxy Miami.

I became aware of Roxy after a friend shared her Instagram account. "Cool people on the internet" is what he called it. After reaching out to Roxy, I realized that although she was a Queens native, she lived on the other side of the country. Fail right? Not at all. We stayed in contact with the eminent possibility of one of us (most likely her) traveling to the opposite coast soon.

Reaching out to potential subjects via social media is the wave right now. Sometimes I come across interesting people myself, sometimes they're recommended by good friends, and of course some reach out to you once they verify your work. 

Fast forward to Thanksgiving - guess who came back to New York? Guess staying in contact paid off right? Roxy and I linked up and hit Brooklyn to find a few walls and structures to pose on all while satisfying her need for chicken and waffles from Sweet Chick (see her IG account for the foodie shot). 

While shooting, Rox elaborated on an idea coming to fruition; a project titled VSTRS. As someone who has traveled around a lot, she aims for the project to serve as a connector and an eye opener to people and cool things for creatives in second cities starting with Portland, Oregon. Judging from the way she pointed out dope places to frequent on almost every street we walked, I have no doubt in the connections to be made from these events.

Great walking with you Roxy. Best of luck.