Bryon Summers


Exploring Your Backyard

There are places in your own backyard that you've never explored. Maybe for fear of an old legend or probably better judgment. On a normal circumstance, I would never have dared to venture off the beaten path but this was an opportunity that could not be passed up. 

There is an old structure – a campus of building ruins close to where I grew up in Maryland. What's left of The Glenn Dale Hospital and Sanatorium may look haunting to the average onlooker but when you're with 3 other guys exploring... it's still creepy. More dangerous than creepy but a healthy paranoia didn't hurt while walking the hallways and climbing stairwells with missing steps. Definitely a place you don't want to be after dark.

A few photog friends of mine made it our shooting grounds recently and came up with some cool portraits and what I would consider historical shots. Perhaps the most amazing thing from the shoot was realizing that although they are not ancient, there are ruins in America. 

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