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Liam & Zo on H Street

My first photography gig was working at the portrait studio in Sears. The majority of our traffic were families or single mothers and their children. As soon as the kids would get in front of the camera, without fail, the parents would throw on this crazy act to grab their child's attention and hope to get a photogenic reaction. Whether it worked or not didn't matter. I just found it amusing.

Kids are probably the coolest subjects mainly because they're still developing their look. Baby Blue steel. Every shot is potential gold. A few things I noticed that helps when capturing shots of small children is directing their attention. Don't compete for attention. If they want to look off into the horizon let them. Natural shots are the best but simply pointing at something can get the pose you want. Make sure the parents are behind the camera or in the eye line you want the child to look. Most importantly, don't get frustrated and make sure to communicate with the parents.

Don't forget to flourish.

Portrait Walk featuring Liam & Zo (Dads: Chuck Gaither & Darryl Ward respectively)

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