Bryon Summers


Bryon Summers is the resident photographer for the number one hip-hop podcast, The Combat Jack Show and host of his own weekly photography based podcast, We're Getting Better. In 2013, Summers moved to New York to work for an ambitious media company. While there he wore several hats serving as an Associate Producer, Director of Photography, and Creative Services Producer he helped create daily content as well as over 10 documentaries. Outside of the 9-5 grind, Summers shot personal photography projects that eventually lead to exhibitions in New York and New Jersey.

Summers took the stage at a CreativeMornings New York event and was bitten by the speaking bug. Since then he has used his experiences in and out of media as topics to share with audiences of aspiring to progress in their respective fields. In addition to creating We’re Getting Better, Summers has held educational workshops at universities and venues.

Bryon is a Maryland native and Brooklyn resident.